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  • Megapolis cheats

    Where can i find cheats for the game Megapolis for my tablet running android. I have followed many links and filled out the surveys only to be frustrated with no reliable information.

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    Asked Dec 26`12 at 20:30

    Red Kayak
  • How to expand in Tiny Monsters?

    Hello everyone! I m playing Tiny Monsters and I want to know how do I expand in Tiny Monsters? I can t see the expand options in the menu? Anyone knows how to expand in Tiny Monsters? How to get more habitat? Any suggestions on how to expand in Tiny Monsters would be great! Thanks a lot!

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    Asked Apr 12`12 at 02:34

    John Doe
  • Unable to Expand Land on facebook the sims social, how to do?

    I can t Expand Land on facebook the sims social! When I try to expand my land, it asks for 3 contracts. I click the "Ask Friends" option and send out requests to almost everyone, but nobody is able to click on my requests. I cannot finish my expanding land quest becauce nobody is able to send me...

    Asked Oct 10`11 at 03:03


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