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  • Dota 2 easter egg? What is it?

    Hi all. I am wondering what will be the biggest Dota 2 easter egg. Since we know that in Dota, there is an easter egg, that players could control some monsters with 2 legs lol. So now i want to know what is the Dota 2 easter egg? Is the Dota 2 easter egg leaked now? Will that be monsters again?...

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    Asked Sep 05`11 at 10:06

    Sara Martinez
  • Dota 2 Free Mode Walkthrough?

    I have download the dota 2. And there are 9 knids of modes in Dota 2, some players said that the Free Mode is very hard! I want to play the Dota 2, who can tell me how to win Free Mode in Dota 2? Or tell me the Dota 2 Free Mode walkthrough? Help me please!

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    Asked Aug 23`11 at 03:38

  • DOTA 2 or Dead Island, which is better?

    Hey guys. DOTA 2 or Dead Island, which is better? I want to buy a new game, and now i am hesitating to buy DOTA 2 or Dead Island. Anybody who can give me some suggestions on buying DOTA 2 or Dead Island, and which is better? Could you guys tell me the difference between DOTA 2 and Dead Island? So...

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    Asked Sep 02`11 at 09:17


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Dota 2 Free Download Dota 2 currently is scheduled for a full release in 2012, with a public beta scheduled for the fall of 2011. Most players want to download dota 2 to play 9 modes. Where to download free DOTA 2 ? Related solution : DOTA 2 has released at the middle of AUG, 2011, you can try to searching google for downloading. More Related Answers Solutons: Where to download the Dota 2 for free Where to download DOTA 2 Beta for free Where to download DOTA 2 mac version DOTA 2 confirmed heroes list DOTA 2 Guide DOTA 2 walkthrough here help you play dota 2. dota 2 download Dota 2 Easy Mode Walkthrough Dota 2 Commander Mode Walkthrough .

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