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  • MW3 disc read error? Any fix?

    Have you guys met MW3 PC disc read error? When i tried to load the second mission during the cutscene, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 crashes as a Disc Read Error. The disc is brand new and clean, plus i ve cleaned my optical drive with no avail. Could you guys tell me how can i fix Call of...

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    Retarded Squirrel
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    "I want to use Disc Pool cheats to play it well. Is there a Disc Pool walkthrough or strategy guide? How many cheats are in Disc Pool? If you have played Disc Pool, please give me a Disc Pool walkthrough and cheats. So grateful! "

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  • How to Get Blu-ray DVD into new iPad 3 with Mac?

    How to Get Blu-ray DVD into new iPad 3 with Mac? The new iPad (iPad 3) offers the most advanced screen in the tablet world. Its dramatically better display and faster content delivery make you suddenly realize what you†ve been missing. However, just like other tablets, the iPad 3rd...

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  • iPod Car Adapters Could be discovered over the world

    iPod Car Adapters Could be discovered over the world nbsp Now, you are going to discover fairly priced prospects for that folks with more modern style automobiles, together with those that tend to be more mature. No matter whether or not your automobile arrived possessing a cassette...

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  • How to back up DVD disc to ISO or DVD folder

    iMacsoft DVD Copy can easily get your DVD copies which remain 100 same to the original DVD movie Discs. The DVD Copy software can not only copy DVD movie to DVD folder or ISO file and backup DVD to your hard disk, but also burn ISO file or DVD folder bac

    by ipadtocomputer On Jul 09`11 at 05:22 | Computers

  • Hard Disk Enclosures

    n the consumer market, commonly used configurations of drive enclosures utilize mtic hard drives or optical disc drives inside USB, FireWire, or Serial ATA enclosures.

    by pengsisi000923 On Sep 16`11 at 10:12 | Business

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